“We want to uplift our children to be leaders of tomorrow, and in order
to do that, we must become the leaders that they look up to today.”

The Vision of our Chairperson

Mr. Harsh Vardhan Kanoria

Founder and Trustee, Jan Priya Trust

An eminent Industrialist and the Chairman of the Cheviot Group, Mr H.V Kanoria is a great leader. He believes in the responsibility of giving back to the community with compassion. Cygnus is a part of that very vision. He is also the Chairman of Gangabux Kanoria Bhavan School, Kolkata and is a Board-member of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

From the Founder’s desk

Ms. Madhavi Agrawal

Founder, Cygnus World School

Further igniting the worldly vision of her father, Ms. Madhavi Agrawal has taken Cygnus and made it into a multidimensional institution for holistic learning. After completing her Bachelors in Economics from the prestigious Sri Ram College of Commerce, Madhavi pursued courses in Child Psychology from the United Kingdom and Harvard University. An ardent sportsperson herself, Madhavi believes in the importance of a multi-faceted school curriculum.

The Head of School

Ms. Kanchan Joshi

Ms. Kanchan Joshi is a double post graduate in the field of Chemistry and Education. She has a rich experience of over 21 years in the field of education. Ms. Kanchan Joshi believes in catering to the individuality of every student. Through her vast knowledge in teaching pedagogy, she has built an extensive curriculum and leadership for Cygnus.

IB Diploma Coordinator

Dr. Madhusudana Brahma

“Education should be a heady mix of intellect and emotion. To attain this, the topics and lessons must be integrated with real life examples and situations across the planet. The learning should be lifelong and extend towards innovation for generations together.” Dr.Madhusudana Brahma, who believes that the entire world is a family and the planet a home for each and every life, continually aims at significant changes in approaches to teaching and learning that will ensure peace, harmony and brotherhood on our earth. Dr.Brahma holds a Masters in English & Education and a Ph.D in English. With a rich experience of 22 years he brings excellence in international standards and practices to the Cygnus family.