At Cygnus International School, our admission process is quite simple and we ensure that you and your children have a seamless enrollment experience.

Step I: Virtual Tour

Take an online tour of the school campus that allows you to get a look at the facilities and amenities offered.

Step II: Inquiry Form

Enquire online for a detailed consultation on the next stages of enrollment customised to the age and requirements of your child.

Step III: Admission Presentation

Once we receive your enquiry form, our admissions team will contact you. Accordingly, you will be invited for a meeting where we help you understand the school culture followed by a Q&A session.

Step IV: Registration

After you’ve made the decision to admit your child to Cygnus International School, you will fill out the registration form.

Step V: Admission Interaction

For IBDP1 and IBDP2, after we receive the registration form the admission team will set-up a meeting for you and our team.

Part VI: Admission Offer

Assessing from the required documents and based on the seats available, we will confirm the admission and a formal offer letter will be shared with you via email by our team. Parents are required to confirm the acceptance and pay the fee within the stipulated time.

Part VII: Parent Orientation Program

During the beginning of the new academic year, the parents will be invited to attend an orientation program aimed to acquaint them with the guiding principles of IB and Cygnus International School.